A response to Proposition 8 Haters-those intolerant of God’s Word and those who stand on it

Please hear me out here as I share my heart with you about

MSNBC Keith Olbermann on Prop 8, Marriage and more!

Clearly, to me, Keith doesn’t understand love or truth. He sounds noble in his quest to “spread happiness through tolerance”, only he doesn’t tolerate what God has to say in His Word, nor those that believe it. He says, if you want to obey the God we claim then Spread happiness??? That was never stated nor commanded in God’s word. We are commanded to love one another and spread the gospel, the good news that God is here in Christ dying on the cross to pay the required death penalty for your sin. All you have to do is believe, confess and repent. Sin is what kills us. We are slaves to sin until we are set free by Jesus. Choosing to live in sin keeps one an enemy of God. Christians proclaim Christ in order to free people from that bondage. The gay lifestyle is a sinful one and keeps one in bondage to sin. Like all sinners they need repentance not tolerance. Besides, one can readily understand that the homosexual lifestyle is not a viable alternative for the endurance of a family, community or nation. And it opens a door to more evil.

Sidenote: I cannot love my kid and tolerate all he does. If I love my kid I will correct and discipline his bad behavior and praise his good behavior.

Tolerating every choice anyone can make isn’t spreading happiness. God clearly says in His word, follow me and my commands and you shall live and find happiness and rest for your soul. The opposite, of course, is death, slavery to sin and immense unhappiness, and in the end, hell. God sent prophets to nations living in sin.  If they repent they always find forgiveness and happiness, if not, then death inevitably follows. Clearly in Scripture it is Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy…your life, your marriage, your family, your communities and your earth.

Confusing “Tolerance” and “Love”

Jesus came with a sword to divide…the sword of truth. The truth is God made marriage in the beginning to be between one man and one woman…there is no alternative. If one pops up in culture, then it is obvious that it is perverse, a corruption, counterfeit or lie. Neither states nor governments created marriage, and neither have a right to change what marriage is. They only recognize marriage as an institution from God whereby generations of families can occur and are protected.

When we come to the Lord in faith, we say, “all I am and have is yours Lord.” He then sends the Holy Spirit to live in us. The Holy Spirit then begins to change us by making us new again and by making us to be like Christ. Along with that comes conviction of what Truth and happiness and love really is, which you can only understand from the Bible…not from the world, higher ed, nor MSNBC. Jesus is the way, the truth and life. No man finds truth, happiness, love or life anywhere else.

Find out what the Lord believes and stand with Him.

Here is a good defense of marriage article I hope you will read:



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