Your Ticket to Paradise

Jimmy and Karen Evans

Jimmy and Karen Evans

This is a critical moment for marriage in our nation. Not only is the very definition of marriage under assault, but Christian marriages—the ones that should be the strongest and most successful—are falling apart at rates as high or higher than non-Christian ones.

And if the letters and emails we get each week are any indication, far too many believers are unhappy or unfulfilled in their relationships. This should not be so.

More to the point, it doesn’t have to be so! On the contrary, for the believer, marriage should be a paradise on earth!

“Paradise, Jimmy?” you may be thinking. “Is that even possible?”

Absolutely! Read on as I explain what I mean.

The Dream Lives!

Several years ago, Rutgers University conducted a study in which they asked men and women across America about their attitudes regarding marriage. Ninety-three percent said that having a secure marriage for a lifetime was very important, but fewer than half thought…


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